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Dinika S Johnson, Self taught baker

( inherited from two beautiful Grandmothers)

A  Grandma's love is unforgettable & Grandma's sweets are memorable and filled with  love. 

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Background story

God gave me this vision back in 2012. I wanted to honor my Grandmothers by doing something I love. He told me to revisit this vision in March of 2020. I didn't think that I was a baker. I tussled with it a bit. What was put on my heart was:

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be achieved.

I am blessed to have had 2 Grandmothers that graced me with delicious cakes growing up. They each were magnificent women that taught me what love in a dessert meant. 

I wanted to honor both of these amazing women by doing for others what they did for me -bringing smiles & love to someone through a delicious cake. 

Yes a cake has flour, butter, eggs& other baking ingredients- but what make it taste the best is the love that goes into each bake!

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