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Dinika S. Johnson: Cake Artist & Owner of Eva Christine's Sweets 

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We are an Atlanta based  Event Cake Supplier  here to create sweet memories

for our sweet tooth customers by offering beautifully designed custom cakes 

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Wedding & Event Cake Inquiry

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Cake Tasting Boxes

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Serving guide

I am blessed to have had 2 Grandmothers that graced me with delicious cakes growing up. They each were magnificent women that taught me what love in a dessert meant. 

I wanted to honor both of these amazing women by doing for others what they did for me -bringing smiles & love to someone through a delicious cake. 

Yes a cake has flour, butter, eggs& other baking ingredients- but what make it taste the best is the love that goes into each bake!


The face behind the cakes!
hi, I'm Dinika

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