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Cake Serving  Guide

We specialize in semi-naked cakes, buttercream

-covered cakes and traditional-covered cakes. 

Cake serving size can vary depending

on the shape of your cake and who’s in charge of cutting!

Party serving measure about 1½ x 2 inches in size

 Wedding servings measure about 1 x 2 inches in size.

Take a look through Eva Christine's Sweets signature cake flavors here.

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pink bridal shower cake_edited.jpg

Single Tier 6 "cake
( Slender)

Petit 1 tier |Serves 12-14

Medium 1 tier | serves 24-28​

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pink and green birthday cake.jpg

Single Tier 8" Cake

Petit tier | Serves 20-24

Medium Tier| Serves 40-44

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blush stencil cake_edited.jpg

2Tier Cakes

Petit 2 tier 7
Serves ~32 party slices | 36 wedding slices​

Medium 2 tier 25
Serves ~48 party slices | 62 wedding slices

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red rose cake 2.jpg

3 Tier Cakes

Petit 3 tier
Serves ~60party slices | 74wedding slices

Medium 3 tier 5
Serves ~72 party slices | 92 wedding slices

Large 3 tier 
Serves ~88 party slices |118 wedding slices

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Scallop Cake.jpg

4 Tier Cakes

Petit 4 tier0
Serves ~100 party slices | 130 wedding slices

Medium 4 tier 5
Serves ~123 party slices | 152 wedding slices

Large 4 tier 
Serves ~135 party slices |167 wedding slices

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White wedding cake.JPG

5Tier Cakes

 5 tier0
Serves ~163 party slices | 208 wedding slices


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Sheet cake_edited.jpg

Sheet Cakes

Quarter Sheet Cake 
9x13 |Serves 36-50

Half Sheet Cake 
11x15 |Serves 54-74

Full Sheet Cake 
12x18 |Serves 72-98

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nude cupcakes.jpg

Mini Desserts

Cupcakes $45/ dozen
Cakesicles $55/ dozen
Dessert Cups 55/dozen
Macarons $40/ dozen
(minimum 2 dozen)

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