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Cake Serving Guide

Eva Christine's Sweets cakes are designed to individual ideas and therefore prices will vary with each new design

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Thank you for considering Eva Christine's Sweets for your special event. Below I have included estimated pricing for some of my most popular sized cakes. Final price will depend on the decoration details added.

For a customized quote, please fill out the

Wedding cake inquiry here

or Celebration Inquiry here. 

 with all your details and I will get back to you with pricing and more info.

Most cakes that we make at Eva Christine's Sweets  are based on coffee or dessert sized portions. Coffee portions are usually -  1" x 1" x 5"/6" high slice.
If your cake is going to be eaten as a main dessert you may wish to have larger slices.  Dessert sized portions are 1"x 2"x 5"/ 6" high 
Here at Eva Christine's Sweets my standard tiers are made up of 3 or 4 layers of cake so they range from 5" to 6" in height. 
cake art slice_edited.jpg
Below are a number of the most common cake configurations we make to help assist you in understanding the sizing of your cake.  There are many other configurations we can work with though and we will assist you to come up with the best option to serve your required number of guests and achieve the design aesthetic that you're after.  

Serving Sizes

Single Tier Cake

6 inch
12 dessert portions
24 coffee portions

​8 inch
20 dessert portions
24 coffee portions

10 inch
56 dessert portions
76 coffee portions

12 inch
80 dessert portions
108 coffee portions

2- Tier Cakes

6 inch round top tier
8 inch round bottom tier
{ Serves 72 coffee portions }

8 inch round top tier
10 inch round bottom tier
{ Serves 100 coffee portions }

10 inch round top tier

12 inch round bottom tier
{ Serves 184 coffee portions }

Double Barrel Cakes

6 inch round
{ Serves 48 coffee portions }

8 inch round
{ Serves 96 coffee portions }

10 inch round
{ Serves 152 coffee portions }

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